Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples! We miss everything about your Hawaii wedding!


Bride and Groom: Carelle Jade and Nelson.

I was introduced to Carelle Jade by one of our previous client. When we met with  Carelle Jade and Nelson, and her mother Eleanor, we all immediately clicked. We were so excited about their ideas, most especially their plan on fulfilling their dream wedding in Maui, Hawaii.

Ceremony and Reception: WHITE ORCHID WEDDING BEACH HOUSE, Makena, Maui, Hawaii. Nothing can beat this place for wedding location. The ceremony and reception are held next to the beach and the magnificent view of the sunset is just amazing! The black volcanic rocks blocking the giant waves near the beach house gives you a spectacular viewing experience of the beach in Maui. And of course, It’s a perfect background for any wedding shoot. Event

PlannerWHITE ORCHID WEDDINGS. The wedding coordinators that day, Jacqueline Uilani Ishikawa and Linda Santos, were one of the best I’ve ever seen. They are so accommodating and very good in what they do. They turned the beach house into a very romantic and elegant-looking wedding venue. Kudo to you guys for making Carelle Jade and Nelson’s wedding the best!  


SpaTRUDY’S FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. The girls went for an amazing massage and spa, the day before the wedding. Trudy’s staff are pretty amazing and very professional!

Video: Derek of LAVON FILMS. 

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