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Below are the people, who were selected for our Thanksgiving Lifestyle Portrait Session giveaway. I also included an excerpt from the people who nominated them. Thank you all for those who participated and let’s enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family. And let’s not forget to Thank God for all the blessings we received in life. And the best way to show our gratitude to Him is to “Pay it Forward” – doing a random act of kindness without expecting or hoping for anything in return. This is what these people below did when they nominated friend or their family member:

Mikki nominated by Heather R.

“ At 26 years of age, she is one of the most selfless people I know.  Ever since Mikki was a teenager, she modeled the importance of hard work to her siblings. She is always there for all of them, whether it be visiting them at college, buying them clothing, or watching their high school football games.  She paid her way through college while working and currently works almost 50 hours a week as a dental assistant to pay her mortgage, life expenses, and save for her wedding day.  One of the reasons I think Mikki should be admired is because no matter how much she works or what cards life deals her, she never complains.”

Estelle nominated by Lauren N.

“Estelle and her husband have their adorable daughter Melissa. Melissa was born premature and with some health and developmental issues. Jonathan and Estelle have worked extremely hard to help their daughter thrive into a happy, healthy, and charming little girl. With a steady stream of therapists and teachers, Estelle and Jonathan have given much of their time over the last three years to devote to Melissa’s development.”

Rosie B. and Puring D. both nominated by Jocelyn B.


“After my father’s death in 1981, my mom Rosie, who never worked for the past 14 years, had to learn how to provide for her family of three girls….With a strong desire to give it her all, he made a choice to move to the US from the Philippines.  From the early days in 1986 when she was only making $24,000 a year as a clerk to the days that each of her children would graduate from fine schools she never lost sight of her goal – to provide for her children.


“….but behind a single widowed woman…is a younger sister who is the rock of the clan…….one who keeps the family together in times of crisis and one who make the hard decisions when it needs to be made…such as is the story of my aunt – Puring”

These people, who were selected from the nominations,  will receive a portrait session with Award-winning photojournalist Ron Soliman. They will be contacted this Monday on how to redeem this special gift. Thanks again for participating!

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